The Floral Maxi Dress You Can’t Have Without

by Lynne GabrielDSC_0035, Whatever is Lovely

Taking a short break from posting my wedding series.

In the market for a wonderful maxi dress to go to a special event? I highly recommend this floral maxi dress from Uptown American. I recently just discovered them and they have some really cute dresses! But this particular floral maxi is a winner in my book. You can wear it to a wedding or any special occasion this summer.  It’s so flowy, it makes you wanna twirl! As you can see in one of the photos, I actually twirled!

And if you’re thinking that it’s summer and it’s gonna too hot to wear a long sleeves maxi, then think again. This maxi dress has sheer sleeves and sheer material (with lining) so it’s not going to be too hot, even if you wear it to a beach or a destination wedding. It’s going to be perfect!

Although you certainly can dress this down by simply wearing a pair of sandals, this isn’t your everyday maxi. I see it as more of a long dress to wear to a special occasion, like I previously mentioned above. It’s gorgeous! In fact, while shooting it, I got a ton of compliments from passers by.

I recommend that you guys check out They have other maxi dresses that you will love and so are other styles of clothing.

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