Valentines Day: how to WOW your date

Roses are red, the sky is blue, nothing to wear on Valentines Day? Here’s what you should do…

Whether its a hot date or maybe a Galentines day party, Uptown Americans got you covered. This year ladies, we are going all out for valentines day.

Let’s talk outfits vs. dresses. First, what are your plans?

Date or casual get together? If you answered date, wow the lucky guy with a short fitted dress with a bold red lip or sexy fitted top, jeans, and pumps. If you answered casual get together, go with a more festive fun look. Get a valentines day graphic
tee and dress it up with a cute red or pink skirt or your favorite pair of denim and bright sneakers. Don’t be afraid to stray from the typical V-Day trends either.

vday black jumper

Go ultra sexy in a black all lace jumpsuit or bold in a solid red dress and a cheetah print heel. Even if your current relationship status is single,
grab your best gal pal and go out on the town. If you have a honey, don’t hold back! Strut your stuff and show them just how lucky they are.


Uptown American

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