Summer hair styles

Hello Ladies! We here at Uptown American wanted to share with you some of our favorite summer hairstyles this season! 
For the first hair style split your hair evenly down the middle. Separate your hair into two sections and begin French braiding one side until you hit the nape of your neck. When you’ve reached that point go ahead and tie off your braid with a hair tie. Continue with repeating the same steps on the opposite side. If you want to get even more creative you can add baby’s breath flowers to give it an even more indie vibe.
For the second hairstyle the first steps are to take the top layer of your hair and separate it from the main part of your hair. Begin by splitting two pieces closest to your forehead into two sections and begin twisting. Continue adding pieces from your split section into your twists in a similar style to French braiding. Repeat this step on the opposite side until your twists are long enough to meet at the back of your head. From there tie your hair together with a small elastic. To spice this look up I would curl the ends as well of your hair and lightly brush it out to give it an even more beach look. 
The third look is a upgraded take of the classic double braids. Separate your hair into two sections and begin fish tail braiding your hair. Leave out your baby hairs, bangs, or a few strands of shorter layers to give it a more beach like look. To fish tail split your sectioned of hair into two pieces and alternate putting the outer most strands of hair from the two sections onto other sides. Continue until the braid has reached the bottom of your hair and repeat this step. 
We hope you love your new hairstyles for this summer!
Uptown American
8a0a98889ec2a9b6d94330064f58e279.jpg45.jpgsummer hair.jpg

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