Vacation Wear Inspiration

With the weather warming up it is time to vacation! School is out and the sun is shinning. Here are some Resort and Date apparel for the summer!


The Golden Moments of Life jumpsuit has been our favorite jumpsuit this season and believe it would be yours too! With the open front of the sternum and the knot tie back it is sure to be classy with a statement. The spaghetti straps make it great if you are trying to avoid a farmers tan this summer. It goes great with wedges, brown heels, or even tie up gladiator sandals. We would pair this with a white sun hat and some shades. This outfit would be great for an outdoor lunch date, going to the pool or beach, or even dressing it up and going to an outdoor wedding. In any case this will be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe.


Our It’s Jungle Time shorts will look great with your bodysuits, cropped tops, bikini’s and tucked in shirts. With the dark navy shorts we recommend wearing a white top with it. It will really make the shorts stand out and will keep you cool since the sun reflects off lighter colors. With the white pair we would recommend a tan or beige top if you are going to be in the sun or black for a classic look. These shorts look great with gladiator sandals, flip flops and slip ons. Accessorize this look with a statement necklace, shades, and check out our other blog for hairstyles! This look would be great for a beach day, shopping in the city, or even a café date.


The Fun In The Sun shorts look amazing with white! These shorts will not only brighten up your closet but your day as well. These shorts have a fun golden belt ring that will look great if you compliment it with gold jewelry. These shorts will look great dressed up with wedges or heels, or a more relaxed look with sandals and flats. They would do great for a lunch date, beach day, or even a day at work.


The More Fun Navy Floral Crop and the Amuse Me Shorts will be your next beach outfit! These look great together and will keep you cool on the hotter summer days. The button up back of the crop top will keep you stylish and also make it so you can wear your bikini’s under it with ease. If you want to dress this look up I would wear a mini skirt for bottoms and it’ll be great for a fun sunny date. Accessorize this outfit with a white sun hat and sun glasses.

We hope these outfits gave you some inspiration for your summer wear. Come try on these styles at our Laguna Beach store or shop them online.

Uptown American

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