Perfect Beach Day!

From outfit, makeup and hair; here is our version of the best beach day.
Our Olive You More 2 Piece set goes great over bikini’s! This lightweight material makes for a great cover up. It is also lightweight which means it dries faster if it gets splashed poolside or at the beach. This outfit looks great with sandals and gladiators.
DSC_0152[1] - Copy - Copy.jpg
Here is our idea of the go to beach makeup! It will give you a light glow and won’t run all over if you do happen to get splashed by waves or the pool.
Step 1. Start off with Too Faced Beauty Balm, cover your entire face with this.
Step 2. Dab a bit of Poise Tint on your cheeks to give them added color. Dab it in until it is blended.
Step 3 Nars Bronzer will look great and you’ll look even more sun kissed than before!
`Step 4. Set your makeup with the HD Finishing Powder.
Step 5. End it with Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Waterproof mascara.
Wavy hair is always beach friendly. Don’t waste your time straightening your hair when the moist salty air will make it frizz. Make the climate work for you and go ahead and add some volume to your hair.
Step 1. Separate your hair in 4 sections.
Step 2. Braid all 4 sections separately.
Step 3. Use a flat iron over the braids, go over then 4-5 times.
Step 4. Lightly spray a hairspray onto the braids and let dry.
Step 5. Take off elastics holding braids together and carefully undo your braids.
Step 6. Finger comb through your braids and spray a texturizing spray until you get the finished volume.
If you would like to try this item on come into our Laguna Beach store today or order with us online.
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