Summer Time Facial Care

With the weather warming up and the sun affecting our skin more as days are spent more outdoors, it is very important to keep up a skin care routine that will make sure your skin stays happy and healthy.


Our number one pick for face moisturizer is the Tatcha Water Cream. This stuff will glide onto your skin with ease without having to use a large amount. A dime’s size amount will go a long way. While this product is at $68 it is well worth the splurge as your face will thank you for many years to come.


Our go to facial sunscreen is Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense facial sunscreen. It is 50 SPF and isn’t oily!!! Which is huge for sunscreens. It is hard enough with fighting dry skin and oily skin over the summertime, this product will not only sit well under any foundation, but will protect your skin as well. This product will cost you 15.99 at any drug store.


Facial Cleansers are a must over the summer! It helps wash away any impurities and moisturizers your face as you go. Our favorite is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. Yes we know it has a bit of a funny name, but trust us this stuff works magic! It will leave your skin silky smooth and is great for sensitive skin! This product will cost you around $18.

We hope you love these products just as much as we do!


Uptown American

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