Healthy Local Eats in Laguna Beach


project juice.jpg

Project Juice 1100 S Pacific Coast HWY, Laguna Beach, Ca

This is one of our favorite places to get a smoothie or pressed juice. Yes there are a small chain of these juice shops, and yes you should actually go here! This is not a chain such as Starbucks. The company makes their smoothies from all organic produce and what you see listed on their products is actually what is in them. Their Sweet Greens Juice and Strawberry Macha smoothie are our store manager’s go to and she think’s you’ll love them too! This location is bright and open and has ample seating. This is a great place to start the day before or after a workout, as they have a large selection of healthy treats.

The Stand.jpg

The Stand 238 Thalia St., Laguna Beach

This amazing location is all Vegan. I am sure you are all tired of hearing of “good” vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but we swear up and down to this location. While we are not full time vegans by any means this location is one of our top go to spots to grab a healthy lunch. As they have so many options. If you aren’t looking to eat something heavy and it’s hot out, guess what?! They have all natural sorbet that they make right there! It’s delicious and will cool you off in the summer heat. The prices aren’t unreasonable and you can definitely eat on location or even take a stroll down Thalia street to eat at the beach.

active culture

Active Culture 1006 S Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach

One of the great places for a sit down meal in Laguna Beach. This place has food ranging from some amazing breakfast bowls to a pretty scrumptious lentil wrap. This place is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as having great kid options as well. There is also a location in San Clemente if you are headed that way as well.


We hope you enjoy these tasty locations.


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