Who We Are As a Company

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Uptown American is a brand that was first established in November 2016 and started as an online store. Which due to popularity and demand we had our first store opening in Laguna Beach late August of 2017. Now as both a physical store and an online store we are able to grow and continue branching out as a company. Not only do we get to meet some of our wonderful customers, we have a strong team working our store both online and in person.

With fashion and lifestyle trends constantly changing so do we as a company. Our brand wanted to really touch on that of the everyday woman. Who do you want to come across to in the world. Is it the smart and sophisticated business woman, the calm and collected freelance artist, or so much more? The choices are all yours as our store constantly gets in new inventory on a weekly basis.


The company strives to make quality clothing that is more tailored to the individual. We do not mass produce our clothing and design it right here in California. We are open to occasionally collaborating with other companies when the time is fitting, but like to keep our brand both online and in store so our customers get a more personal experience.


The company as a whole encourage inside growth as well as personal growth, with artistic encouragement and support there is a lot of positivity in working for this company and being apart of something that is more than a large scale corporation.

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Here at Uptown American, you can be sure whether it is online contact or in person that our customer service will be above par and will be just that personal. We love getting to know our clients, what you like and don’t like. What type of clothing you like to wear and what you are interested in trying for the first time. Trust us, we enjoy personal shopping for you as well, we want every bit of clothing in your closet to bring you joy.

So if you haven’t checked out our store yet you are invited to check out our online store as well as if you are visiting or live in Southern California come pop in and say hi and check out our latest styles and try a couple on.


Uptown American

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