Why We Chose Laguna Beach

laguna beac

With California being one of the most fashionable parts of the world, some people could ask the question, why did you choose your first store location as Laguna Beach? Why not a larger city such as Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco? Well, we personally could not think of a better place to start our first store. With out store location being a short crosswalk from the beach, open floor plan with large windows, and some of the friendliest locals. How could we resist?

Laguna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world with our store manager and associates getting to meet our clients from all over the world, it was a no brainer. Our company ships worldwide and Laguna Beach is known to attract a diversity of travelers. It is a treat for us to get to connect from people from across the ocean as well as state lines.

Our store is located on Forest Ave. which is the downtown strip of Laguna. We are in between two of the best galleries in Laguna Beach Kush Fine Art and National Geographic. We could not have dreamed of a better location to open our physical store in.

We appreciate all of you who have followed us through our transition from online store to both online and our Laguna Beach location. We will continue providing excellent customer service and developing more fashionable clothing for you to wear.


Uptown American

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