10 Places to Check off Your SoCal Summer List.

Summer is only two more months! Yes you heard me right, only two months left! To get in all the fun before you go back to work or the kids go back to school, here are some things we highly recommend doing in southern California!


  1. Visit the Griffith Observatory. It is free other than parking and has some of the neatest views of LA that you will ever see. The museum also has a Tesla coil and access to the rooftop for an even better view!
  2. Mission Bay, San Diego. If you are wanting to spend the day doing water sports or relaxing in on an idealistic beach side Mission Bay will be your dream come true. Weddings are often happening mid day and on evenings so be mindful of this.
  3. Anaheim Packing District. This location has some of the best food in all of Orange County. This is a great place to take the entire family. They had all different kinds of food and you are not stuck eating at just one location.
  4. North Park, San Diego. This city has the best food and small pubs and bars in San Diego. If you want a truly unique experience that you will remember go visit North Park and try all the delicious food. The city also has a coin operated arcade bar.
  5. Venice Beach, Los Angeles. This Beach/boardwalk is the most iconic boardwalk of all time. The street performers, cheap food, and artists that fill stores and street alike make this for a memorable trip.
  6. Laguna Beach, Orange County. This small beach town is one of the more famous beach cities. The town holds Pageant of the Masters every year as well as many other fun summer performances from street artists. The shops including ours are all in walking distance of one another and the rooftop eateries are always a great treat at sunset.
  7. Orange, Ca. Go visit this wonderful downtown. Find all day parking and stroll around the streets. The food is wonderful and the architecture is simply set in the 50’s. The town is easily walkable and there are great places for family or even a date night.
  8. Temecula, Ca. Go wine tasting in one of the many wineries of this mid west themed town. The city has some great Mexican restaurants and bars. Even dare to take a horseback trail ride through wineries.
  9. Downtown LA. This is a great experience for those who are not used to big cities. Find all day parking and Uber and walk to all the destinations. There is also a great place called The Last Bookstore that is definitely worth a visit.
  10. La Jolla Cove, San Diego County. This perfect little nook has some of the coolest views of seals you will ever get to see. This time of year the pups are still little and you can get within three feet of these neat creatures. Grab a bit of gelato at Boboi up the street; trust me it will make you question all other ice cream.


We hope you enjoy these locations and have an adventure filled summer. If you are looking for some outfits for these locations visit our online store.


Uptown American

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