20 Road Trip Tips


So you’ve got the summer off and you want to go on a road trip, by yourself, or with family or friends. Here are some tips from our well traveled manager to help you along those travels.

Okay so you want to go on a car trip this summer. Below are some tips and tricks I have from traveling to both sides of the U.S. in multiple routes.


  1. When thinking of leaving for a long trip, try and think about traffic. It is easiest to leave on Weekdays such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, because there won’t be heavy work and weekend traffic. Early mornings such as 5am-7am are easiest, but if you are trying to leave mid day or at night 2pm and 8pm aren’t bad times either.
  2. Think about if you are trying to get in miles the first part of your trip and if there are any specific stops you want to make, if your answer is yes to mileage and no to stopping anywhere; try leaving at night. You won’t get stuck in any awful traffic and you will be able to drive a lot further.
  3. Pack extra water always, you never know when unexpected car failures will happen. You don’t want to be stuck in the junction in the desert or mountains with little signal without any water.
  4. Also pack a blanket or two and some granola bars or something else to snack on for unexpected wait times.
  5. External phone chargers can also be a savior if a car batter goes out and you are waiting roadside for assistance. They even come in handy if you want to go adventure on your trip. It means you won’t be stuck to a wall or car trying to juice up your phone or other devices.
  6. If you are trying to save money, pack a cooler for drinks and another for snacks for your first few days. There are even campsites you can look into along your trip that will be the cost if you want to save a few dollars in between hotel stays.
  7. Don’t book a hotel through their website. Often times hotels will hike up their prices and give them cheaper to companies such as Travelocity and Expedia for lower prices per night.
  8. Look for hotels that offer complimentary services and food. This will be a savior for those of you trying to save a couple of bucks.
  9. If you are like me and enjoy cafes and coffee in particular; look up the areas you want to stop in. Get a hotel close by to a restaurant or café you’d like to visit on your trip. The more planning the smoother your trip will go and the easier it will be on everyone involved when traveling. Who knows, maybe you could make a fun trade off where one person picks the dinner and the other picks breakfast on your trip.
  10. Stay in a city on one of your stops, pricier but it will be worth it. Plan on staying in the city for half a day and get to experience more as a local. Try walking from place to place instead of driving everywhere. You’ll get to see more and you will remember this location for years to come.
  11. Bring a DSLR Camera. While phone photos are great, you will want to have some good shots of your trip. A nicer camera will capture your memories for a lifetime.
  12. Even if you are expecting it to be hot everywhere you go, pack a jacket. Some states get chilly at night and you don’t want to be caught shivering.
  13. Decide if you want to pet sitter if you have animals or if your furry friend “dog” can tag along.
  14. A big thing for me when I road trip is I rent a car if the trip is more than a thousand miles. The wear and tear on your car is not worth a cross country trek. Save your car some years and maintenance by a rental car. Many companies will give you discounted prices if the rental is more than a week.
  15. Research the town and city events prior to your trip, know what is going on in the cities you are traveling in and see if you need to avoid them a certain time of day because of traffic or if you want to join in on the fun and buy a ticket yourself.
  16. Always give someone a rough agenda of your trip and the hotels you are staying at. safety is a big thing, especially when traveling alone or in a small pair.
  17. I.E. I Spy, In Car driving scavenger hunt, coloring pages, puzzles, and memory games will save them from some screen time and keep them entertained for hours.
  18. Always expect the trip to take an extra day, so request an extra day off work. Trust me even if it runs as planned you will appreciate a day to recover from travels.
  19. Souvenirs are always fun, make a list of places where you would like to remember.
  20. Make a list of who you need to get gifts for, it is easier to check it off along the way.

We Hope this tips helped and that you enjoy your adventures. For some fun traveling outfits shop our online store. If you go on a road trip use #UptownAmericanAdventures for a chance to be featured in our feed.

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