July Beauty Essentials

Okay ladies, here are our favorite beauty essentials this month! We know you love to pamper yourselves from time to time. Why not do it with some great products?


Tom Ford foundation TImeless perfecting

For Full Coverage days you Can’t go wrong with Tom Ford’s Timeless Perfecting Foundation with 15 SPF. You can apply a  light amount and go out if you aren’t needing full coverage or lightly layer it for a full coverage affect. It will last you all day long and hold up to hot weather and sweating. It is best for combination skin.

BB Cream

burts bees

If foundation isn’t really your thing, but you want some light coverage and a nice summer glow, the Burt’s Bees BB Cream is the way to go. It is light weight and has 15 SPF to keep your face protected. It isn’t oily and will stay on for 6-8 hours of wear. Our favorite time to wear this is to the beach or pool.

Eye Shadow Palette

urban decay heat.jpg

Our all time favorite summer palette is the Urban Decay Heat Palette. It has those copper tinted shades that are perfect for summer. The bronze tints also make that golden tan look even better. The shadows blend easily and are highly pigmented. They stay all day long!



Our go to summer lipstick is Smashbox’s Always on lipstick. Our favorite is the color Babe Alert which is a dusty rose color and is the fourth color in the photo above. This lipstick lasts for up to six hours without having to heavily reapply. It even stayed on during a light pool swim.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we did. If you are looking for summer outfits come check out our online store.


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One thought on “July Beauty Essentials

  1. I really wanted to try more products from the Burts Bees collection but I always found that their target audience as far as shade range goes is always limited, so I’ve been staying away from their beauty line. I picked up the Maybelline BB Dream cream instead which I love because it basically turns into the color of your skin and it’s really light on the skin!

    http://www.mondayswithsharon.com 🧡

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