Our July Favorite Apps

Hey everyone,

we here at Uptown American would like to share with you our top 5 favorite apps this month in July! We believe these apps are a must have download.


  1. Companion. This app was developed by Michigan students to help protect woman in general when going out. It is a safety app for people who are going out whether out in a group or alone it is a way for you to post a live map of where you are and intended destination. If you drop your phone or if you start running, the app will give you fifteen seconds to respond or your companions will be alerted and police can be called. It is the ultimate app for safety these days.
  2. SitorSquat the app developed by you guessed right Charmin. This app gives you the nearest bathroom locations as well as ratings to help you avoid those not so great bathroom visits. This app is great for those traveling and to see where the closest public bathroom is in a pinch.
  3. OPI is the nail photo generator for nail polish. Developed by O.P.I. itself, it gives us a chance to try on the color without committing to buying or putting it on. What better way to experiment with fun colors without the dread of having to take it off.
  4. VSCO Cam is the best photo app there is presently. If yo uare trying to up your photo game from boring photos to high quality, this is the best app for that. You can shoot, edit and post with this app.
  5. ShapSavvy is the app that will read SKU’s from your favorite stores and tell you if the item can be found anywhere else for a better deal. This is great for shopping for technology or even clothing on a department scale level.

We hope you enjoy these apps and that you have a wonderful summer.


Uptown American

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