So You Got a Sunburn

Hello Everyone,

with the summer heat and the clear skies above our skin is taking a beating. As we shed the multiple layers and wear sleeveless tops and put our jeans in the back of our closet and start to wear shorts our bodies are asking us to make sure we take extra care of them in the hotter months.


If you are someone who wears makeup prep your skin with moisturizer and an oil free sunscreen before you apply your foundation or BB cream. Make sure you are applying sunscreen your chest and shoulders daily if not your entire body. These are the areas that will age the fastest and be most affected by frequent sunburn.

Sunglasses and sun hats definitely help shade you from the sun’s rays. If you are going to be in the sun all day long make sure you have a way to cover your body up. Sunscreen helps a lot, but shading your body does wonders.


If you do happen to get burned aloe and unscented lotions are going to be your best friend. You can pick any of these items up at any local convenience store. Aloe has natural healing properties and with help soothe the burn.

We hope these tips helped and that you enjoy your summer.


Uptown American

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