Summer Nail Colors 2018

Hello Everyone, 

we here at Uptown American hope you are having a good day and that you are ready for some nail inspiration.  With summer fun comes even more fun nails! Let us know in the comments on what colors you like or have tried!


If a relaxed cool tone is your thing this summer these three colors are very in, not with only nail polish but clothing and home décor as well!

Lilac goes great on both fair skin and a golden tan. It’s blue undertones and classic charm will be sure to leave your friends with nail envy.

Baby blue, this is a classic staple in the blue family. It has made a big come back from Spring to summer and seems to be sticking around. This color looks better on tanned skin.

Periwinkle blue, Baby blue’s cool toned cousin. This color is the top cool toned blue this summer. The soft color looks amazing on fair skin as well as tan skin. Mix and match these colors together for gorgeous nail art.


For a brighter vibe these are the colors we suggest. 

Teal, you can’t ever go wrong with this color. It looks great year round and is many people’s favorite color for a reason. It’s happy and bright and works for all skin tones.

Fuchsia, this color looks amazing on tan skin! Can we say POP?! This color is vibrant and is sure to turn heads when you are wrapping up your fun summer shopping.

Golden Yellow, this color can go from Spring to Fall easily with it’s vibrant hues and flower and sun reminders. This color is sure to bring you and others joy.

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