2019: Didn’t get the memo yet? These make you look OLDER.

Yes, we have been warned time and time again: That sequin/glitter (or tweed) jacket will emphasize our smile lines and wrinkles in an unflattering way. But, we still buy the jacket because we like them, and are determined to prove them otherwise. Does this sound like you? Let us help you out:

Here are the top 8 fashion No-Nos we noticed this year:

  1. Retro/vintage styles without a modern twist. This will make you look like a dress-up doll, not a trendy fashionista. Also, don’t wear pearls, and/or sequin blazers.
  2. All black, and way too often. This is unflattering in many ways, unless the black is regarding your mid-length, form-fitting dress and a structured blazer. Do you really want to resemble a lump of charcoal?
  3. Jeans that are TOO stretchy. It will sag in all the wrong places. While super-tight skinny jeans aren’t always the most age-appropriate, on the other extreme, baggy or loosening jeans can actually be more devastating to your figure. Form-fitting jeans will keep your look streamlined and fresh.
  4. Hiding your neck too often. There is something sexy, sophisticated, and alluring about wrinkles. Hiding our neck because of its wrinkles only multiplies the intensity of your age; so don’t wear that silk scarf, and definitely don’t be that old lady in a turtleneck and poncho.
  5. Pieces with legible or largely printed LOGOs. It’s okay to wear clothes from younger brands like A & F and Forever 21, but avoid wearing their LOGO. It makes you look like you’re trying hard to become younger…
  6. Cardigans in general make you look mature, so largely avoid them. When choosing a cardigan, make sure that its silhouette is not shapeless, and its pattern is not large floral print, and definitely not vintage.
  7. Socks and running shoes with a non-sport outfit.
  8. Too much OR too little make-up. You want to go for a natural make-up look, not a no-make-up look.


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